The Pursuit of Excellence

At the heart of the Banagas is the vision to be a global role model for not only output and performance, but as a company admired for the professionalism of it's people, it's safety record, and its socially and environmentally responsible activities.

In the future Banagas will be looking to take their exceptional success story built over the last forty years to new and greater heights. As part of its 5-year strategic plan, the Company has worked closely with the National Oil and Gas Holding Company and Tatweer Petroleum to utilize all available associated gas reinjecting back into the Bahrain field.

Banagas is uncompromising in its commitment to creating and maintaining a culture through which people are able to achieve their full potential. This commitment to excellence extends to all stakeholders including employees, partners and suppliers, and is demonstrated through practice and innovation and measured against the highest standards.

Prime Minister’s Award for
Excellence in Industry

Banagas’ major contribution to the national economy was recognized in 1999 when it was honored to receive the “The Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Industry” in its inaugural year.

This all-encompassing award measures a company’s achievements in increased employment of nationals, provision of appropriate training and development programs, utilisation of locally sourced raw materials, export growth, participation in international promotions and involvement in activities within the local community

Accreditation and Certification

To contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Kingdom of Bahrain by safe and effective processing of gas into marketable products satisfying our customer requirements.

We will do this by using a highly trained and well developed Bahraini national workforce while maintaining our full commitment to community support, to the protection of the environment and to the well-being of our employees and achieve excellence in governance, continuous business process improvement, accountability and transparency at all levels.

Desire to Improve Quality

Banagas is committed to providing products and services of the highest quality to its customers and other interested parties that consistently meet or exceed their agreed and confirmed requirements. Banagas is committed to the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of its Quality Management System that encompasses every detail of the business process through planning, controlling, reviewing and improving every aspect of our processes.

The Company’s Quality Manual sets out the Quality Management System for meeting, maintaining and improving upon the quality requirements of the worldwide recognized Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008.

Code of Business Conduct

The Code of Business Conduct formally states the general principles and standards of personal behavior that is expected of all employees in the conduct of Company business.
  • Be honest and fair in all aspects of the company business.
  • Ensure that all contracts and agreements are based on openness and competitive bidding with transparent procedures in place that are subject to regular audit.
  • Provide equal opportunities to qualified contractors and suppliers.
  • Refrain from directly or indirectly offering, soliciting, accepting or paying bribes in any shape or form.
  • Take the utmost care to avoid any conflict of interest and not derive any personal benefit from business relationships.
  • Ensure that all transactions are made in accordance with established and recognized procedures and standards.

Continuous Improvement

A continuous improvement strategy aimed at enhancing professionalism, productivity and profitability throughout the Company, including the introduction of Key Performance Indicators and the Balanced Scorecard measurement and management system, has been fundamental to the Banagas' success.

Corporate governance programs continue to be strengthened to ensure transparency and impartiality in all business activities. The unique culture of Banagas is represented by its core values, beliefs and practices that are essential in achieving success, creating an environment for individual initiative, growth and development.

Checks and Balances

More recently, finance and administrative activities have been included within the Company’s quality assurance system and all work practices undergo regular internal audits. Even greater attention has been given to ensuring maximum profitability of the business through detailed cost-management measures.

Specific assistance to all sections of the Company has helped maintain the highest standards complying with the demanding requirements of ISO certification. In this regard, all ISO procedures and process maps are now available online and all approvals and amendments to quality documentation can be performed online.


Safety is an ever-present part of daily life at Banagas. To safeguard life and property Banagas enforces the most stringent regulations for safe working procedures at all facilities, following closely the health and safety requirements of the international gas industry as a whole.